Nagomi Sushi Covid Safety Plan

We are taking the necessary procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff and appreciate your patience as we try our best to accommodate all your needs in these unprecedented times.


Covid Safety Plan

Revised: November 2020


First level protection:


– Physical distancing will be enforced at all times.

– We request that everyone uses the hand sanitizer provided upon entrance.

– We request that everyone wears a mask when not at their table.

– We provide hand sanitizer, soap and tap water for guests and staff.

– “If practicable, employers are also required by this order to retain the contact information for one member of every party of patrons for 30 days in the event that there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer”- Work Safe BC. Nagomi Sushi will do their best to keep track of this information.


Table service:


– We are unable to accommodate groups larger than 6 people, and all patrons must remain seated at the assigned table or counter.

– The lounge area is not available for the public at this time, we kindly ask everyone to wait outside while your table is being prepared.

– Strollers and sporting equipment must be keep outside at all times.

– Please follow the arrows when you’re walking in the restaurant.

– Each table is given a maximum of 1.5 hours dining time in order to accommodate the next reservations.

– We strongly encourage reservations, this will allow us to keep the accurate patrons number. We apologize in advance to the guests who we won’t be able to accommodate at certain times.

– We provide QR codes to view our menus online.

– Water jugs will be provided to each table for self service.

– Our staff number varies between 8-10 people each day.

– We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT and cash. We encourage contactless payment where possible.




– We encourage that take-out orders to be placed over the phone.

– We offer a limited take-out menu, as well as liquor and non alcoholic beverages to go.

– Our staff is limited and wait times can be long, especially on weekends and holidays.

– We encourage payment over the phone by either VISA or MASTERCARD. If you pay at pick up time with a Debit card, we encourage tap.

– We ask that guests wait outside until your order is fully prepared.

Second level protection (Barriers and partitions)


– We ensure there is 2 metres between patrons sitting at different tables unless separated by a physical barrier.

– Walkways show what direction to follow in the premises.


Third level protection (Rules and guidelines)


– We have several hand wash stations and provide hand sanitizer for our staff.

– We provide sanitizer and disinfectant on site, so that our staff can clean their sections at all times.

– We provide sanitizer so that our staff can clean POS machines, door handles and anything that is a contact point.

– We have pods of workers who work together exclusively weekly.

– We provide a checklist to be signed daily in regards to staff health status.

– We provide a checklist to make sure staff is cleaning all contact points before, during and after service.

– We provide single use containers for take-out.

– We provide single use chopsticks for dine-in and take-out.


Fourth level protection: Using masks


– We have provided online training with our staff in regards to our Safety Plan and PPE.

– We provide facemasks and gloves for all our staff.


Cleaning protocol and policies


– We have created a checklist to ensure disinfecting is happening before, during and after service. FOH staff are alternating taking care of tables, chairs, door handles, counters, light switches, electronic devices, etc. BOH are taking care of counters, fridges, walk-in fridge/freezer, sushi bar, bathrooms, etc.

– Hand washing is in effect at all times.

– Training was provided in regards to covering coughs and sneezes as well as touching faces.

– We have removed unused table settings to simplify cleaning processes.

– Our workplace ensures that workers that show any symptoms of Covid-19 are prohibited in the premises and need to follow provincial procedures.

– Hand washing signage has been placed in conspicuous places for our staff and guests.