Dinner Menu


Chilled, blanched green soy beans.
Goma-ae $7 VE
Blanched spinach with sweet sesame dressing.
Beef Tataki $18
Thinly sliced beef seared & served with ponzu sauce.
Albacore Tuna Tataki $25 GF
Seared Albacore tuna with house made salsa.
Scallop Carpaccio $23 GF
Thinly sliced Scallop served with lemon sauce, topped with parmesan & tobiko.
Chicken Kara-age $18
Deep fried marinated chicken thigh.
Soft Shell Crab Kara-age $16
Deep fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce.
Tako Shiso Pesto $23 GF
Blanched Octopus served with shiso leaf pesto.
Tuna Poke $25
Diced Albacore tuna marinated in our special sauce.
Tuna Goma-ae $25
Marinated with sesame goma-ae sauce.
Salmon Spring Rolls $13
Seafood and vegetables rolled and deep fried, served with yuzu sweet chili sauce.
Tempura Calamari $15
Squid with a light tempura batter, drizzled with a ginger soy sauce reduction.
SUNOMONO SALAD Salad with yam noodles in sweet vinegar sauce.
Tako-su (Octopus) $10
Ebi-su (Prawn) $10
Kani-su (Alaskan king crab) $16
Veggie-su $7.5 VE
SALAD Green Salad $10 VE
Sashimi Salad $18 GF
SOUP & RICE Miso Soup $4.5 GF
Brown Rice $5.5 VE GF
Rice $4 VE GF
SASHIMI Assorted (15-18pc Chef’s choice) $48 GF
Albacore Tuna (Local wild tuna) $28 GF
Albacore Toro Sashimi (Albacore Tuna Belly) $30 GF
Red tuna $33 GF
Sockeye Salmon (Local wild sockeye salmon) $28 GF
Hamachi (Yellow tail tuna) $30 GF
King Salmon $30 GF
Blue Fin Tuna $32 GF
Blue Fin Tuna Chu-Toro (6pc medium fatty tuna belly) $45 GF
Blue Fin O-Toro (6pc fatty tuna belly) $50 GF
Sahimi of the Day (Ask your server) $30 GF
TOFU Agedashi Tofu $9
Deep fried tofu served with grated radish, ginger and tempura sauce.
Spicy Agedashi Tofu $9.5
Deep fried tofu served with our special spicy sauce.
Miso Gravy Age Tofu $9 .5VE
Deep fired tofu served with our special miso sauce.
TEMPURA Prawn and Vegetable SMALL (Two prawns, three kinds of veg) $10
Prawn and Vegetable LARGE (Six prawns, three kinds of veg) $18
Vegetable (Assorted 5-7 pc) $12 VE
ROBATA Grilled and Pan Fried.
Hamachi Kama $18 GF
Grilled Hamachi Cheek.
Grilled Black Cod $30
Marinated and grilled black cod with yuzu (japanese citrus) miso sauce
Grilled Kama (Fish Cheek) of the Day (Ask your server) GF
Salmon Kama Shioyaki $12 GF
BBQ Salted salmon cheek and belly.
Cucumber, spinach, egg omelette, topped with tempura unagi.
Alpine Veggie Roll $12 VE
Brown rice, beets, green leaf, carrot, daikon, cucumber, avocado, sundried tomato, pea shoots: Served with house sesame sauce.
Red Dragon Roll $22
Tempura prawn, baby spinach & mango, topped with Red tuna & black sesame Seeds: served with a light curry aioli.
Fiery Tuna Roll $16 GF
Very spicy tuna, jalapeno salsa, spring mix, pea shoots, cucumber.
Saba Bo-Sushi $22 GF
Half fillet of seared saba, sliced and placed on top of a roll of sushi rice and shiso leaf.
Kani Blossoms $18
2pc Sushi – Rice and avocado wrapped with Red tuna, topped with Alaskan King crab meat, mayo, tobiko, and tempura bits.
Sunshine Roll $22
Asparagus, scallop with shiso leaf pesto, wrapped with seared white fish and fresh lemons. Contains nuts & dairy.
Aburi Hamachi Box $20
Lightly torched box shaped sushi with Hamachi (yellow tail), Japanese pickles, yuzu pepper miso mayo.
Chef’s choice of 10 pieces nigiri sushi.
Blue Line $38 GF
Salmon Roll, Cucumber Roll and Chef’s choice of 6 pieces nigiri sushi.
Green Line $22 GF
Salmon Roll, Cucumber Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll.
Nagomi Favourite $37
Unagi Avocado Roll, Mango Soy Roll and Beautiful Roll.
Veggie Combo $26 VE
Veggie Roll, Cucumber Roll and Sweet Potato Roll.
Easy Combo $23
California Roll, BBQ salmon Roll and Tempura Roll.
NIGIRI SUSHI Nigiri of the Day (3pc) Ask your server $17
Aji (Spanish Mackerel) $6 GF
Albacore Tuna $5 GF
Albacore Toro (Albacore tuna belly) $7 GF
Blue Fin Tuna $8 GF
Blue Fin Tuna Chu-Toro (medium fatty tuna belly) $10 GF
Blue Fin Tuna O-Toro (fatty tuna belly) $15 GF
Ebi (Blanched Prawn) $4.5 GF
Hamachi (Yellow Tail) $6 GF
Hirame (Flounder) $5.5 GF
Hokki (Surf Clam) $5 GF
Ika (Squid) $5.5GF
Ikura (Salmon Roe) $7 GF
Inari (Sushi rice in a bean curd pouch) $5
Kani (Alaskan King crab) $10GF
King Salmon $5.5 GF
Kinmedai(Golden Eye Snapper)$6 GF
Red Tuna(Big Eye Tuna) $6 GF
Saba (Mackerel) $6 GF
Sake (Wild Sockeye Salmon) $5 GF
Scallop $5 GF
Scallop Chop (Chopped scallop with spicy mayo) $5.5 GF
Shimaaji (Strip Jack) $6 GF
Spot Prawn (Sweet Shrimp) $5.5 GF
Tai (Red Snapper) $5.5 GF
Tako (Octopus) $5.5 GF
Tamago (Egg Omelette) $4.5
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) $4.5
Unagi (Grilled Fresh Water Eel) $6
Uni (Sea Urchin) subject to change $8 GF
SUSHI ROLLS Avocado Roll $6 GF VE
BBQ Salmon Roll $8.5 GF
Salmon, avocado and spicy mayo.
BC Roll $10
BBQ salmon skin, pea shoots, cucumber, daikon radish and tobiko.
Beautiful Roll $13 GF
Spicy Scallop Roll and spicy mayo with sliced avocado and salmon on top.
Beautiful Tempura Roll $13
Prawn Tempura inside and spicy mayo with sliced avocado and salmon on top.
Box Sushi $18 GF
Box shaped sushi topped with avocado, salmon, prawn, scallop, spicy mayo and thinly sliced lemon.
California Roll $8
Crab stick avocado and mayo.
Chicken Kara-age Roll $13
Chicken kara-age and spicy mayo topped with thinly sliced avocado.
Cucumber Roll $6 GF VE
Futo Maki $12
Shiitake mushrooms, crab stick, egg omelette, blanchd spinach and kanpyo-gourd.
Kani California Roll $18 GF
Alaskan King crab avocado and mayo.
Mango Soy Roll $12  GF
Asparagus, salmon, tuna, mango and spicy mayo.
Natto Roll $8 GF VE
Fermented soy beans.
Negitoro Roll $9 GF
Chopped tuna and green onion.
Rainbow Roll $25
Prawn tempura inside and spicy mayo with seven kinds of fish on top.
Salmon Roll $8 GF
Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll $9.25
Tuna, pea shoots, cucumber, tobiko, spicy mayo and tempura bits.
Spicy Scallop Roll $10 GF
Scallops, cucumber and spicy mayo.
Spicy Tuna Roll $9 GF
Tuna, cucumber, daikon radish and spicy mayo.
Spider Roll $15 GF
Deepfried softshell crab, cucumber, avocado, daikon radish, pea shoots and spicy mayo.
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll $12 VE
Cucumber, avocado and spicy mayo inside, topped with sweet potato tempura.
Tempura Roll $10
Prawn tempura, cucumber, avocado, pea shoots, daikon radish and spicy mayo.
Tempura Soy Roll $12
Prawn tempura, salmon, scallop, avocado and spicy mayo.
Tuna Kara-age Roll $13
Tuna kara-age and spicy mayo topped with thinly sliced avocado.
Tuna Roll $8 GF
Unakyu Roll $13
BBQ eel and cucumber.
Una Avo Roll $13.5
BBQ eel topped with thinly sliced avocado.
Veggie Roll $10 VE
Asparagus, cucumber, avocado and pea shoots, rolled with soy paper and Brown Rice.
  • Gluten free options available for many rolls – Please ask your server.
  • Please inform server of all allergies prior to ordering.
  • Groups up to 6 people.
  • Groups of 6 subject to 18% gratuity.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.