Drink Menu

BEER Asahi (Japan) Big Boy 2l $29, Can 500ml $9
Sapporo (Japan) (L) 600ml $10, (S) 341ml $6.5
Kirin (Japan) (L) 650ml $11, (S) 355ml $6.5
Whistler Brewing (Local) 355ml $6.5
Stella Artois (Belguim) 330ml $7
Warsteiner 0% (Germany) 341ml $6
CIDER Lonetree Apple Cider (Local) $7
NAGOMI COCKTAILS Strawberry Sake Margarita (G)$7 (Jug)$20
Plum Soda Plum wine with Soda $10
Kan Pai Plum wine with House Sake $10
WHITE WINE Glass:(G), Bottle:(B)
Quails Gate Chardonnay (BC) (G)$11.5 (B)$46
Cedar Creek Pinot Gris (BC) (G)$9.5 (B)$39
Blasted Church – Hatfields Fuse (BC) (G)$9 (B)$35
Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) (G)$8 (B)$32
House White (G)$7
RED WINE Mission Hill – 5 Vineyards Cabernet (BC) $35
Cedar Creek Pinot Noir $52
House Red (G)$7.5
ROSÉ Joie 2019 (BC) (G)$10 (B)$42
HOT SAKE Small 5oz $6
Medium 9oz $9.75
Large Hot 15oz $17
Jumbo Size 26oz $28
COLD SAKE Dassai “45” Junmai Dai Ginjo 720ml $95, 300ml $50, 2oz $14
Balanced sweetness & acidity create smoothness with a crisp finish.
Kozaemon Dai Ginjo 720ml $65
Highly fragrant with fruity aroma. Plenty of umami that makes it a perfect food.
Gold Omachi Junmai Dai Ginjo 300ml $50, 2oz $14
Rich, dry & balanced with a hint of pineapple.
Fukumasamune Tradition Junmai 720ml $48, 9oz $22, 5oz $13
Soft fruity nose, medium body. Great value & nice finish.
Pearl Nigori 720ml $48, 9oz $22, 5oz $13
Chilled, creamy & rich. Tropical highlights & sweet rice flavours. Sip with spicy foods or dessert.
Mizubasho Junmai Dai Ginjo 300ml $42, 2oz $11
Tropical fruit, smoke & white truffles. Medium dry & refreshing.
Umi Blu 300ml $35, 2oz $8.75
Semi-dry with pleasing aromas of ripe tropical fruits and a well balanced acidity that leads to a smooth clean finish.
Hakutsuru Draft Sake 300ml $23
Elegant and high quarity. Smooth to drink, fresh taste.
Yoshinogawa Kome Dry 5oz $8.5
Softly sweet & dry.
Sake Trio Taster 3x 1oz $21
SPECIALTY Japanese Whiskey 1oz $15, 2oz $25
Kozaemon Junmai Yuzu Sake 300ml $35, 2oz $9
Japanese Vodka (Barley) 2oz $8.75
  • Please inform server of all allergies prior to ordering.
  • Groups up to 6 people.
  • Groups of 6 subject to 18% gratuity.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.