Features and Drinks




*NEW* Blasted Church Hatfields Fuse 2019 (B) $35 (G) $9

*NEW* Joie- Rose- Okanagan Valley 2019 (B) $42 (G) $10

*NEW* Five Vineyards- Cabernet- Mission Hill 2019 (B) $35


Carafe of Wine (10oz)

Quails Gate – Chardonnay $22                         See Ya Later Ranch – Pinot Gris $18

Blasted Church Hatfields Fuse $17              Oyster Bay- Sauvignon Blanc $15

House White $13 or 17oz $19                        House Red $14 or 17oz $20


Japanese Whisky            $15/1oz  OR  $25/2oz

Nikka from the Barrel: Caramel, vanilla, spicy and oak flavor notes. – 51.4%

Nikka Single Malt Yoichi: peaty notes, smoky, coal-fired distilled whisky – 45%



*NEW* Dessert Platter $13

Choose Green Tea Crème Brûlée or Chocolate Cake with 1 scoop of any flavor of Lucia gelato



House Made Green Tea Brûlée $10.00


Traditional house made crème brûlée with matcha powder


Double Chocolate Cake $10.00


House made rich dark chocolate meringue cake with whipped chocolate icing


Lucia Gelato, Whistler

White Chocolate Green Tea, Black Sesame, Green Tea

Sorbet (Dairy free): Mango

One scoop $4.50                                  Two scoops $8.00


Mochi Ice Cream Balls


Sticky rice-coated Japanese ice cream (Gluten Free) 

Vanilla, Mango, Green Tea

One piece $3.00                    Two pieces $5.50






*NEW* Vegan Platter $18

Vegan roll, burdock salad, spinach gomaae, miso gravy tofu, home-made pickled veggies, veggie sticks with vegan mayonnaise dip and regular home-made salsa dip, edamame.

☆ Vegan Roll: Nori sheet, Brown rice, Vegan mayo, Mixed leaves, Avocado, Cucumber, Pea sprout, Daikon radish, Carrot, Beets and Pickled onion.

☆Vegan Mayonnaise: Tofu, Grape seed oil, lemon juice, rice vinegar and salt



Nigiri Platter of the Day $16/3pcs

Sashimi Platter of the Day $28/ 8-10pcs

Offering a great selection of fish & seafood, as fresh as it gets!





*NEW* Spiced Miso Gravy Age Tofu $9

Deep fried tofu with homemade spiced miso gravy, vegan!


*NEW* Chicken Tempura $15

6-8 Pieces of juicy chicken tempura with our house-made reduced sweet tempura sauce.



*NEW* Fish of the day Kama Shioyaki

Grilled fish cheeks, ask your server for details.


*Takoyaki balls(6pc)  $9

*Veggie Spring Roll(3pc) $9